In Brief

✔  Save Time - With Public Access, you work with the same person throughout the process.

✔  Save Money -  Cut out the overheads of paying for a solicitors office and pay for just one Barrister instead of a Solicitor who then uses a Barrister themselves.

✔  Be Prepared – With your own personal Barrister, you can ensure that your case is fully prepared and meticulously planned.

✔  Expert Advice -  Get tailored expert advice from a Barrister.

 Be Confident – Enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your case is being conducted by your own barrister.

✔  Get it Right – Avoiding complications will save you both time and money.

What is Public Access?


Traditionally obtaining the benefit of a Barrister’s advice or representation was only available by going through the offices of a solicitor first.  This meant the additional complexity and cost of engaging two lawyers rather than one.


This requirement has now been relaxed so that instructing a solicitor may be unnecessary.  The obvious advantage of this is that you can access immediate legal advice from an expert practitioner whilst at the same time saving money by removing paying for a solicitor and their firm's overheads. 

You can now arrange to speak to a Barrister directly and discuss your case.  He can represent you without the cost of instructing a solicitor.


There are certain things that a Barrister cannot do for you, such as take responsibility for the management of your case.  Therefore before you can instruct a Barrister directly yourself, an assessment has to first take place to ensure that you are capable of carrying out this part of the legal process yourself.  For most people, this is an entirely manageable and simple process and ensures that you are involved in your case throughout the process.

Guidance for members of the public

* Please be aware that this material is provided by the Royal Courts of Justice Advice Bureau and was last updated in 2014.  The documents are for informative purposes and are not meant to be a substitute for legal advice.  It is strongly recommended that you seek specific legal advice .